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Nuvo Restaurant: Catering Menu 

Satisfy your tastebuds with the Nuvo menu! Choose from our  amazing dishes from the award winning menu that we have at all our locations. 

We make sure to make your event easy by setting up everything from tables, linens to utensils and plates and even a personal chef for parties over 60 where servers and bartenders are also available on request. 

Nuvo restaurant is popular for its Peruvian and Mexican combination of dishes that incorporate their traditional cuisines. Our catering services are for various scenes such as farewell parties, ceremonial banquet.

If you’re planning a complete Peru and Mexican experience, be sure to check out our state of the art restaurant and award-winning Menu dishes. You can also get your favourites delivered to your doorstep by ordering online.


Indulge in the delightful appetizers prepared by our topnotch chefs. You can choose some of the following appetizers for you to savour:

CevicheCeviche is a raw fish that is cut up into chunks and garnished with red onions, chopped cilantro, which is cured in either lime or lemon juice. $28
Papa a la Huancaina This appetizer is a thickly sliced boiled potato that has a subtle spicy velvety sauce called Huancaina that is served as a topping.$30
CausaThis is made up of ingredients that feature a perfect blend of meat, mashed potatoes, boiled eggs, chopped celery, black olives, and avocado.  $25

Main dish 

This gastronomic fusion of ingredients provides a spicy and delicious flavor that melts in your mouth. 

TiraditoThis is a raw fish that is sliced very thinly and soaked in an  acidic marinade. This dish comes in many flavors that have an incredible floral aroma with a spicy kick. You can even add more elements and seasonings to suit your taste.$30
Aji De GallinaA popular dish that is made from shredded chicken breast and topped with a thick sauce that is made from ground walnuts, cheese, and yellow aji pepper.$30
JuaneA traditional meal that is found in the jungle side of Peru where the main ingredients are chicken, boiled eggs, and seasoned rice. $30
Tacacho y CecinaTacacho is a green plantain where it is mashed down in a wooden mortar and pestle then shaped into a ball. Tacacho is paired with cecina, a dried or cured pork. Cecina is usually marinated in toasted chili, vinegar, oregano, oil making it a very salty dish.$30
Grilled PiranhaMarinating the fish into spicy seasoning. It is  grilled in low fire to slow down the cooking process.$15
Lomo saltadoThis is basically strips of beef that are cooked in a frying pan or a wok by adding a bit of soy sauce, tomatoes, onions and some peruvian spices to taste. Dive in to taste this wonderful Lomo saltado we have for you! $30