Good news: You can eat Mexican food for every meal. Tacos, burritos and enchiladas are all viable breakfast options

Nuvo Restaurant: Benefits of eating breakfast

The first meal in the morning sets a tone for the rest of your day. They don’t call breakfast the most important day of the meal for nothing.

If you are a student in a dorm, living alone, or in an intermittent fasting, eating breakfast may seem to be a necessity for most of you. Mainly because you’re always in a rush and thinking what to consume in the kitchen may take a while or sometimes there will be days that you just don’t feel hungry in the morning and not in the mood to eat. 

As early as now, train yourself a good eating pattern that will last a lifetime, this may sound like your mom, but eating breakfast has a lot of benefits. This is why we compiled 10 reasons why you should have your breakfast. 

  1. Source of energy

We need energy in order to keep moving and for your brain and body to work properly. If we miss breakfast our glucose level will be lower than the normal  where you may feel slow and sleepy during the day than those who eat breakfast. Our body is composed of glucose which is the source for energy. 

A good breakfast should include lean proteins, fruits, whole grains and some vegetables to help you provide energy. 

  1. The essential vitamins, minerals and nutrient

The foods that are in your typical breakfast table are usually rich with nutrients and vitamins. A healthy breakfast does not mean having only one egg, eating less or saying no to fat.  What we eat on a daily basis should have the right amount in the right way.

The essential vitamins and minerals that are found in a healthy breakfast  helps in the functioning of the system. All the nutrients that are coming from your food will go through your body and brain cells that will actively run and perform their tasks. 

  1. Improves the immune system

The primary function of your immune system is to protect your body from viruses and bacteria. Eating breakfast improves your immune system that will help you from being constantly sick. People who are at high risk of infections and diseases are those with a weak immune system. 

  1. It balances blood sugar levels 

Having steady blood sugar throughout the day can be achieved by eating breakfast whether or not you have diabetes. Eating breakfast for people with normal blood sugar can help avoid insulin resistance. Having low blood sugar can make you tired, anxious,irritable or shaky.

Good breakfast to those who want to balance sugar levels can consume milk, oatmeal,eggs, or toast which will help fuel you for the next few hours. 

  1. Good for your heart

One study found out that those who skipped breakfast have a higher risk of heart disease than those who are smokers and alcoholic. 

If you don’t know what breakfast to eat that is good for your heart, then let us help you out. Here are 4 quick delicious food ideas.

  • Yogurt – If you notice, yogurts are usually out of stock in most grocery stores because not only is yogurt  delicious but it is also very healthy. Yogurts have high content of B vitamins which protects against heart disease. You can also top frozen berries into your yogurt to have enough nutrients to fuel your day. 
  • Avocado toast – This is so easy to make wherein you just  simply need egg, toast, and avocado as ingredients. Avocado toast has heart healthy properties that has an ability to satiate hunger. It contains healthy unsaturated fats,along with plenty of protein to keep you satisfied. Make sure to put the right amount you need in getting the recommended amount of daily fat.
  • Oatmeal –  This is a heart healthy breakfast because oatmeal has been proven to help reduce cholesterol levels. Oatmeal is best topped with strawberries, chia seeds or vanilla flavoring for a delicious breakfast. 
  • Omelets – The Mediterranean diet of eating eggs made up of spinach tomato has been known for its heart benefits. 

If you have been skipping breakfast, why not try these easy to make breakfast ideas so your heart will thank you. 

  1. Helps lose weight

You run out the door, don’t eat breakfast. The next thing you know, you’ve gained 30 pounds.

Some people are skipping breakfast due to intermittent fasting. This is when people don’t eat at a specific time to take in a calorie deficit which is said to help lose weight. There’s a lot of hype about it but have little studies proving that claim. Wanting a quick fix for weight loss, should not be about losing all the necessary vitamins, mineral and muscle mass. 

Eating breakfast will start your metabolism in the morning which helps burn calories throughout the day. Filling up on the right food to keep you full until lunchtime to minimize unnecessary snacks and ease weight loss.

Here are 4 healthy breakfast foods that can help you lose weight. 

  • Eggs – From boiled, scrambled to sunny side up this eggs has high protein content that helps reduce appetite. 
  • Bananas – This fruit is high in fiber that helps keep you feeling fuller longer and is also low in calories. Bananas can not make a balanced breakfast on its own, you can easily enjoy it as a topping for
  • Chia seeds  – This is a delicious addition to your tea or smoothies. A study in 11 adults found out that eating chia seeds reduced both appetite and blood sugar levels. High in protein and fiber, chia seeds have been proven to increase weight loss, reduce appetite and stabilize blood sugar levels.
  • Smoothies – This is a quick and easy drink that has a lot of nutrients. Smoothies is a convenient way to increase your intake of fiber and protein that helps reduce hunger and increase weight loss. Just make sure you do not add too many high-calorie ingredients.
  1. Helps stimulate the brain
    It is known that what we eat in the morning makes a huge difference to our day. You van jump start your brain and  help boost your productivity by eating a healthy breakfast. A stable glucose level can help your ability to focus, reason and process. Research proved that children who skip breakfast learn less, make more mistakes, and feel they can’t concentrate. Not eating breakfast or unhealthy diet impact how our memory works.  

Here are some best brain foods you should add in your breakfast

  • Berries – This contain flavonoids which are known to make your memory span longer. It is best eaten as a topping of an original dish. 
  • Eggs – Egg yolks are a great source of choline which helps improve brain health. 
  • Nuts – This improves healthier brains because it has tons of omega 3.

So, tomorrow morning consider adding these brain foods in your breakfast to make your day productive. 

  1. Benefit your skin

When eating breakfast the most staple food are eggs and fruits. These ingredients are rich with vitamins A and D which helps maintain healthy skin. A good skin is an important factor to feel good because it helps with self confidence. When your skin is healthy and well taken care of, it helps boost your self esteem making it easier for you to focus on other things that are important. 

If you are running late for work and cannot prepare for a heavy breakfast. It will only take you a few minutes to fry an egg with a tomato and make sure to grab one on the way out the door. 

  1. Improve mood

You lose nutrients when you sleep at night, that is why some people are irritable when they wake up.

When you supply your body with a good breakfast to start your mornings, you will feel more happy throughout the day, unless bad news arises. 

A breakfast that is high in carbohydrates like rice can improve your mood in the morning. It is definitely worth it to get up a few minutes earlier than usual to start your day with a positive attitude. 

  1.  Improves bone health

Eating breakfast can also help protect your bones. This is because high calcium breakfast is usually paired with milk, yogurt  and cereal. Calcium is important for muscle development, nerve and hormone function that plays a major role in structuring bones. 

Although all meals are important, breakfast is said to have higher benefits because of the food that is usually served during breakfast.  

If you don’t have enough time you can still prepare a quick and healthy breakfast food such as cereal with milk and topped with berries, egg omelet, smoothies or grab a healthy breakfast at Nuvo Restaurant. If you start your day with a healthy and satisfying meal in the morning, you will most like nibble on junk foods during the day, which is what we often do out of hunger.