What makes a perfect taco

Nuvo Restaurant: What makes a perfect taco

With so many varieties of tacos to choose from, one may spend their whole life searching for the perfect taco. To make your search easier, below are some of the factors that make a perfect taco:


Tortillas should be just as tasty as everything on top of it. The perfect tortilla must be good enough to eat on its own and must be tender, toasty and flavourful. In making the best tortilla, you should only need three ingredients: corn, water and lime. These should be freshly processed the same way it was done in the 1500s. 


Protein quality is often the most vital factor of a perfect taco. The meat must be smokey, juicy and flavourful. If possible, the meat should be directly shaved from the flaming spit onto your warm tortilla. Being one of the main ingredients of a taco, the meat is what keeps customers coming back for more.


Taco salsas could be red or green. Red salsa is cooked tomatoes mixed with toasted and dried Mexican chillies. On the other hand, green salsa is a rich and thick mix of fresh tomatillos, cilantro and fresh green jalapeños. 

Veggies and herbs

The common toppings for tacos are finely minced onion, chopped cilantro, juicy tomatoes and fresh lime. If you are eating fish tacos, the best toppings are finely minced crisp cabbage. These freshly chopped veggies and fresh herbs are a vital factor for the textural crunch of the tacos. 


Shredded cheddar cheese is often used in taco making but there are several other kinds of cheese to choose from such as Monterey Jack, quick melting, American cheese or smoked cheddar.


A nice balance of avocado and lime juice makes the perfect guacamole that will enhance the flavours of the other toppings and fillings of the taco. Chopped avocado can also be used as a substitute for guacamole.

Types of tacos in Mexico 

The best taco can surely be found in its homeland, Mexico. Here are the types of Mexican tacos that you must try if you want to taste authentic taco:

Tacos al pastor

An al pastor tacos is a simple combination of slowly cooked roast pork and grilled tortilla topped with pineapples.

Tacos de guisados

Tacos de guisados are made of small corn tortillas often filled with blood sausage, chicharron, ground beef and chicken liver.

Tacos de canasta

Often called basket tacos, tacos de canasta have more sauce than meat. It is filled with adobo, potato, fried beans, chicharron and pickled veggies. It is then steamed and consumed while warm.

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