The best things about Mexican cuisine

 The best things about Mexican cuisine 

Mexican cuisine is a melting pot of deliciously creative dishes that are heavily influenced by Spanish, European, Indian, and Chinese cultures. Over the centuries, it has developed into a unique cuisine with roots that dig deep into the country’s rich history. 

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Essential Mexican cuisine ingredients

The identity of Mexican cuisine is heavily linked with the various ingredients used to create the dishes. These ingredients range from fresh vegetables to undeniably strong herbs and spices. 

Sometimes these dishes can be sweet and flavourful, other times it’s spicy and bold. A Mexican dish can also be the best of both worlds, combining sweet and spicy ingredients to create an enjoyable meal. It all depends on the ingredients that are used by the cook. 

Here in La Fiesta, we create dishes using only the freshest ingredients including the following: 


It isn’t Mexican cuisine without seasoned beans! Before the Spaniards arrived at the shores of Mexico, meat was scarce in the country. That’s why native Mexican dishes feature a lot of dishes with beans such as Gorditas and Arepas. When you explore a Mexican kitchen, you’ll always find a variety of beans. Some Mexican dishes even incorporate beans to create vegetarian variations. 


Aside from rice, corn is one of the most popular grains used in Mexican dishes. It’s considered as one of the main sources of grain by Mexicans when it comes to their diet. Corn has been a part of the country’s agricultural landscape since the beginning. For this reason, the popular crop has been incorporated into various Mexican dishes such as tamales and tortillas. 

Most of the time, corn is dried and ground to form a dough called masa. This is then created into a corn tortilla that’s used for various purposes in Mexican cuisine. 

Chile Peppers

What makes Mexican cuisine special is the way they incorporate spicy flavours into the dishes. When thinking about Mexican food, the first thing that’ll pop into your head is how deliciously spicy the dishes are. This is because chile peppers that are indigenous to Mexico have long been ingrained into their culture and have been used as the main ingredient for various dishes. 

The key chile ingredients that are often used in Mexican cuisine are jalapeno, ancho, and serrano. Not only do these ingredients add a spicy kick to the dishes but they also bring a distinct flavour that can greatly enhance the experience. Many Mexican dishes utilize chiles in their sauce that gives unique flavours and taste. 


This versatile fruit isn’t just the main ingredient for the famous guacamole dip. In Mexican cuisine, you can add avocado slices to anything. You can incorporate it into salads and salsas. Often, avocados are also used as an added topping for tacos. Most experts believed that this fruit originated in Mexico. Maybe that’s why avocados are deeply ingrained in the country’s cuisine.

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