15 popular and delicious taco toppings for your taco bar

Authentic Mexican cuisine offers a diverse range of colours and flavours. As it heavily relies on indigenous staples, such as beans, chilli peppers, and maize, its dishes are often described as fresh and fun but spicy and delicious.  Among the many popular dishes that exemplify authentic Mexican cuisine, tacos are, without a doubt, the initial answer. It celebrates the country’s […]

What makes a perfect taco

Nuvo Restaurant: What makes a perfect taco With so many varieties of tacos to choose from, one may spend their whole life searching for the perfect taco. To make your search easier, below are some of the factors that make a perfect taco: Tortilla Tortillas should be just as tasty as everything on top of it. The perfect tortilla must […]

The best things about Mexican cuisine

 The best things about Mexican cuisine  Mexican cuisine is a melting pot of deliciously creative dishes that are heavily influenced by Spanish, European, Indian, and Chinese cultures. Over the centuries, it has developed into a unique cuisine with roots that dig deep into the country’s rich history.  If you want to know how delicious these dishes are for yourself, visit […]

Best desserts you need to try

Nuvo Restaurant: Best desserts you need to try Nuvo Restaurant offers a plethora of desserts that will satisfy your sweet tooth and end your delicious meal with a bang. Austria is known not just for the beautiful sceneries but also the tasty food, whether you find them on the streets or in restaurants.  In every meal, lunch or dinner is […]

Nuvo Restaurant: Must try Peruvian dishes

When it comes to Peruvian cuisine these are greatly influenced by the coast, jungle and mountains that surround Peru. It reflects the country’s multicultural history, it is a perfect blend of indigeneous and immigrant cuisines. Just like the diverse culture, Peruvian food is highly rated and is one of the finest cuisines in the world today Most people visit a […]